Women’s Leadership Development

women leadership development in Kenya by COVAW


This pillar responds to the prevailing low levels of occupation of key leadership and decision-making positions by women across different sectors and levels. COVAW through this pillar aims to put the leadership agenda at the centre of national dialogue and priorities.

COVAW seeks to change views on women’s leadership, catalyse access to opportunities, and mentor and position women and girls as key leaders at community, national and international levels.

Overall objective

To increase women and girls’ occupation and meaningful participation in leadership processes at all levels across all sectors.

Strategic Interventions

  1. Advocate for full implementation of the CoK two-thirds gender rule at County and National levels.
  2. Champion women and girls’ inclusion in key decision-making processes, places and spaces.
  3. Transform attitudes by communities, citizens and key actors towards women leadership.
Capacity Building
  1. Strengthen the capacity of existing and potential women leaders.
  2. Facilitate events/actions to increase visibility and celebration of successful women leaders.
Movement Building
  1. Establish a critical mass of knowledgeable women (leaders) who can debate, analyse, strategize and address issues that affect women and girls’ leadership.
  2. Establish partnerships with strategic institutions for promotion of women and girls’ leadership.
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