Women’s Economic Empowerment



COVAW acknowledges that greater economic empowerment of women and girls will enable them and their families to achieve greater independence and power. We seek through this pillar, to strengthen women and girls’ position as key economic actors.

This has been identified as one way of reducing their exploitation, marginalisation and vulnerability. This will be done by addressing the main barriers to their inclusion and active participation in key economic processes and structures.

Overall objective

To enable women and girls to have greater and equal access and control over economic resources, opportunities and assets.

Strategic Interventions

  1. Advocate for inclusion and participation of women and girls in available socio-political and economic processes, positions and spaces; as well as influence and shape debate on economic inclusion.
  2. Support women and girls’ access to knowledge, assets and business opportunities.
  3. Contribute to transformation of systems, structures and norms that limit women and girls’ economic empowerment.
Capacity Building
  1. Sensitise women and girls on existing economic rights and opportunities.
  2. Strengthen women and girls’ ability to meaningfully engage or benefit from public and private economic opportunities and processes.
  3. Develop and scale up innovative solutions to women’s economic empowerment.
  4. Provide technical assistance to actors engaged in, or with a potential to support women and girls’ economic empowerment.
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