COVAW Launches New Strategic Plan for 2018-2023: Securing Rights: Influencing Sustained Engagement on Violations of Women and Girls in Kenya.

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A society where women and girls enjoy equal rights, freedoms and thrive in safe spaces.

Our Recent Projects

Girls Advocacy Alliance (GAA)

Author: Dorcas Mwachi, Program Associate, Lobbying, Advocacy and Communication

Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children (CSEC) and Child Trafficking are closely related. Recruitment of victims normally takes place in rural areas toward an urban destination. The recruiters entice parents and children with promises of education or work prospects. More often...

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Giving voice to communities to End Female Genital Cutting (FGC) (2018-2019)

Author: Florence Mwikali, Program Officer

In Narok, 78 % of women/girls have undergone FGC, as compared to the national average of 21%. Two thirds of them undergo the cut at 10-14 years, but some as early as five years. The high prevalence of FGC strongly...

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Empowering girls & young women to advocate for their protection from sexual violence and to exercise bodily autonomy (2018-2020)

Author: Nancy Njeru, Program Associate

Safe Spaces Project Girls and young women in Kwale are the single most important group of beneficiaries in this project. They are disproportionately affected by diverse forms of sexual violence, most commonly sexual exploitation, transactional sex, rape, early forced and...

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Addressing cultural practices that are harmful to Women and Girls’ Sexual and Reproductive health (2018-2019)

Author: Maurine Khabuchi, Program Associate

This project is being implemented by COVAW, with support from Amplify Change. This is an extension of the previous project which ran from 2016 to 2017. The objectives of the original project had been met and these were lessons learnt:...

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Enhancing Multi-Sectoral Response to Electoral Sexual Violence in Kenya (2017-2019)

Author: Mercy Opiyo, Program Associate, Access to Justice and Women Rights

The 2017 election period presented an urgent need to carry out monitoring of sexual violence with a view to identify fresh cases, carry out documentation and provide immediate response. The Access to Justice and Women Rights Project is being implemented...

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