Securing Change: Popularizing and Strengthening the Implementation of the Maputo Protocol in Kenya

This is a one-year project funded by Equality Now. The project aims to popularize and strengthen the implementation of the Maputo Protocol in the areas where COVAW has identified gaps and needs for intervention within the Kenyan context.

While Kenya has demonstrated commitment by signing and ratifying the Protocol to the African Charter on Human and People’s Rights on the Rights of Women, known as the Maputo Protocol, there remain significant gaps in its implementation.

The gaps touches on the four broad focus areas of calling for a total ban on FGM, providing for non-conditional SRHR rights of women, redirecting military spending to women’s economic empowerment and upholding the rights of vulnerable groups including women with disabilities.

COVAW is a current member of SOAWR. COVAW as a member actively contributed to the SOAWR’s current Strategic Plan. COVAW has a track record in leading SRHR and SGBV interventions in Kenya including holding the government to account.

COVAW implements a multi-sectorial approach focusing on strong community mobilization, movement building, and advocacy including playing leading roles in legal and policy reforms related to SGBV.

Intended outcome
  • Commitments are made towards the lifting of article 14 on access to safe abortion services and post-abortion care as provided for in the Kenyan Constitution.
  • Kenyan Government is highly responsive and accountable in advancing the rights of women and girls as provided for in the Maputo Protocol.
  • The Maputo Protocol is extensively popularized and embraced by the member states and international communities in advancing women’s rights.
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