Ending FGM in Narok County titled Ailepu (Maa for Arise)

COVAW with support from Girl Generation (African Led Movement Programme) is implementing a one-year project on ending FGM in Narok County titled Ailepu (Maa for Arise).

The project aims at accelerating community-based efforts towards ending FGC through triggering an uprising of a diverse and inclusive youth-led anti-FGM movement in Narok who will influence and shape evidence-based anti-FGC campaigns that are geared towards sustainable solutions.

COVAW will implement the project within Suswa area in Narok County in the following 6 villages; Oloshaiki, Inkoiriento, Inkilonkosi, Oletepesi, Kipise and Enariboo.

Project intended outcomes
COVAW intends to achieve the following outcomes;
  1. Reduction in prevalence of FGC within Narok County from the current prevalence rate of 78%.
  2. Enhanced application of a gender transformative approach on addressing social norms related to knowledge, attitudes, and practices of FGC.
  3. A strong visible youth-led movement emerges from Narok and is influencing other FGM movement initiatives in Kenya.
  4. Increased number of health workers spearheading or supporting end of FGC campaigns in Narok County.
  5. Stronger organizations in terms of personnel skills, systems, structures and policies which will ensure efficiency in financial management, operations, mobilisation of resources and accountability to all stakeholders.
  6. Increased retention of girls in primary school as a result of reduction in FGC prevalence.
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