Our Work

Over the years, COVAW has invested in empowering women and girls to claim their rights; enabling equitable access to services, resources, and opportunities; facilitating greater access to justice for survivors of Sexual and Gender-Based Violence (SGBV); and supporting change agents opposed to and committed to the eradication of all forms of VAWG.

Our interventions are designed to deliberately address norms, attitudes, laws, policies, and practices that affect women’s and girls’ safety and well-being in general. This is done through supporting the development and implementation of gender progressive laws, policies, and guidelines and consistent engagement with different actors to prevent and respond to VAWG and to hold perpetrators of these violations accountable.

COVAW’s interventions are based on contextual analysis at the community level where we engage communities to determine the current state of affairs and the issues that they consider as priorities for GBV and access to justice project design and programming. We work with community activists/ paralegals across all our areas of intervention.

The biggest asset is that the paralegals/community activists are drawn from the same communities and are respected by their fellow community members.

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