Accelerating the end of FGC in Kenyan Maasai and Samburu communities


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Project period: 2020-2023
COVAW with support from Human Dignity Foundation (HDF) is implementing a three-year project (2020-2023) titled ‘accelerating the end of FGC in Kenyan Maasai and Samburu communities’. The intended impact will be realized through partnership with Orchid Project, COVAW and SAFE MAA who together are delivering an ambitious programme to accelerate female genital cutting (FGC) abandonment in Narok (Part 1) and Samburu (Part 2) counties, in Kenya. Through a combination of structured and participatory dialogue, broad community engagement, and targeted capacity building, this project will contribute to a 10-19% decrease in the prevalence rate in targeted communities, representing 4,400 – 8,300 girls uncut by 2040 based on the three-year intervention. This project is built with sustainability at the core of the approach, and we are confident that in addition to the primary project impact, we are moving closer to the tipping point of full abandonment in the project communities in Narok.